Thursday, 16 February 2012

Bulgaria 2012 - Tsvetelin Atasanov-Elvisa featuring DZ – Love Goes Around

Every year this competition throws up a few songs that completely embattle the laws of showbusiness science. Take this slice of Bulgarian wierdness. I'm not sure which singer is Tsvetelin and which is DZ, or even what the Elvisa reference actually means. But what I do know, however coincidentally the name might be, the male half of the duo appears to waveringly mumble through one of the most half-assed Presley impressions I've ever seen, shuffling around the stage like an overly anxious office sex pest.

And then there's the she half of the equasion. Most other videos I've seen of this grusome twosome cast her as a moderately well-filled lass. But here she's squeezed into such a tight corset that you can almost hear her spine creak.

But weirdest of all, this actually got through a semi-final, and drawn plumb last is apparently among the favourites for the coveted plane ticket to Baku. And to think, people ask me why I follow this funny old contest...

By the way, skip the dull interview bit at the start of the vid - the fun starts at 49 seconds.

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