Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Slovenia 2012 - Eva & Nika Prusnik - Konichiwa

The long hiatus since the Slovenian semis has finally been dented with the release of the six competing songs - three for each finalist. And while we're reasonably sure that the incredibly young Eva Boto is most probably going to win with her uber-ballad Verjamem, we really wouldn't mind if this perky little dose of whimsy earned the nod for Baku.

OK, so it might be slightly hamfisted with its Far Eastern cliches (Chinese musical themes over Japanese words? Hmm...) and perhaps even borderline blasphemous in places to the more religiously sensitive types, its simple, happy-go-lucky refrain is immensely likable, hooking into your brain in an instant, and the girls' quirky sense of fun just about keeps it the right side of irritating.

Just about...

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