Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Italy 2012 - Power Francers - Mamma

If you thought Italy's Sanremo sounded complicated, I haven't even begun to explain the beginner's competition. 1574 home made hopefuls aired their wares on the internet, a with 60 of the most popular tunes getting the chance to play to a professional jury on one massive marathon all-day session called Samremo Social. A lucky six were chosen, to sit alongside two other arbitrarily chosen other tunes - that will most probably beat them.

Most of the singers were withering girls, mouths over-packed with syllables, or doe-eyed bowl-haired boys mumbling into their fringes. Eight hours in and it was all getting a little samey...

Which is why we enjoyed what appears like Italy's car boot version of N-Dubz, the curiously monikered Power Francers. Proper pop business!

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