Monday, 20 February 2012

Armenia 2012 - Sankil Jones - Fire

They're doing it a funny old way in Armenia this year. No one's quite sure if they're commissioning the perfect song to rub their neighbour's nose in it, or accepting submissions from the country's top artists and songwriters. But that's not stopped Sankil Jones's people promoting this little song to the hilt in a bit to will it onto that Baku stage.

They might well be onto something, too, because this big, beaty number has got enough regional flavour to go down well East of Vienna, but enough dancy appeal to crossover to the cloth-eared Westerners. On top of all that, you suspect the Jones lad has got a pretty impressive dance routine tucked somewhere within his furry jerkin.

We still suspect they've got something else in mind, and we're not entirely sure how that distinctive voice would sound in a massive arena, but if they are looking for existing songs to represent them in May, they could do a lot worse than choose this one.

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  1. ***STOP PRESS***

    It appears that this song has already been rejected by Austria. So who knows how the Armenian authorities might take being what could be considered as second choice?

    This could get interesting!

    1. Dear Roy,

      Armenia is not second choice. We offered Armenia as soon as possible our song, we even encouraged Armenia to take part, so we could go for gold with FiRE!

      Unfortunately decisionmakers in Austria didn't see the big potential of FiRE! - they prefered to nominate this one as their "wildcard" for the national final:

      Judge for yourself, if FiRE! is hotter stuff for Baku or not and let Armenian TV know :-)

      Kind regards,
      Mario, co-developer of FiRE!

  2. Thanks for clearing that up, Mario!

    We know all the stars...

  3. Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure that this song (albiet with a slightly different arrangement) was *also* submitted to the Swiss Selection, but not under the name Sankil Jones...rather one "Danièl Harb"...


    1. Dear Samantha,

      this is true. It is the first version of the song, which we handed in also in Switzerland. The more countries you approach with a song the higher your chances we thought. Well...we were naive, because the more money and personal relations you have the better are your winning chances as we learned this season :-/

      You can see "FiRE!" as the unofficial anthem of Eurovision 2012 in Azerbaijan - the land of fire - as Armenia withdrew and the last chance for people all around Europe disappeared to see that song on stage in Baku. It's really a pitty - just compare "FiRE!" with all other 42 entries...already this first video version is better than many final versions of other songs for Europe in 2012, don't you agree?