Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ireland 2012 - Jedward - Waterline

When Jedward declared that they were going to have another go at this whole Eurovision business my heart filled with glee. Last year's Lipstick was a happy-go-likely fun riot that raised a smile from Reykjavik to Kamkatcha.

But saints alive if they haven't gone all mature on us - well, mature like a first album Busted album track at least, but it's a start. The song itself could have been sung by anyone, and has all the drive of the kind of song that usually comes fifth in the Danish final.

The show will undoubtedly be fabulous, but Waterline is distinctly lacking in fun. And if Jedward don't have fun, well what's the point in them being there?


Jedward win by a landslide in Ireland! Rejoice!

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  1. Wait and see the performance. Jedward are the masters of fun..they can put fun into anything, its going to be Jepic I can guarantee it :)

  2. I think that it should be better and more fun live, really Lipstick had similar reactions when it was first played.

  3. yet another song of theirs i will get addicted to :P

  4. Actually I twigged Lipstick was a likely happy storm stright off the bat. I'm having a tad more trouble with this one.

    Still want to see it in Baku though!