Saturday, 11 February 2012

Lithuania 2012 - Vytautas Matuzas - Take it Back

On a big night of Eurovision thrills, with three songs chosen and a big Swedish qualifier, possibly lowest on Europe's collective priority viewing list was the latest Lithuanian semi-final. Usually the home of insane pop nonsense and dreary ballads, one song stood out by a mile - and it wasn't your usual Eurovision fare.

Vytautas Matuzas is a tiny wheelchair-bound rapper who captured his nation's hearts in their version of Lithuania's Got Talent a couple of years back. But it wasn't his disability that got him all the attention - this boy can rap!

While his English might be a bit rattly, the song is full of spirit and atmosphere, and could definitely challenge a few preconceptions should it get to Baku. And judging by the huge numbers of votes it gained tonight, it looks like it stands a pretty good chance.

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