Monday, 6 February 2012

Sweden 2012 - Sean Banan - Sean Den Förste Banan

Finally we have this year's first slice of pure Eurovision. While Iran-born Sean Banan's self-deprecating humour might not go down so well in some of the more over-sensitive countries of the West, this song's lyric is just the right side of good taste to be enjoyed without too much guilt.

From the opening magic carpet ride to references about intrusive customs searches, cab driving and tax avoidance, it's packed with both cheeky references to his Arab roots and crafty winks at just about every Swedish cultural cliche in the book - "Meatballs - damn good! Ikea - damn good! Carola - not so good…"

And then there's the stage show, with more costume changes than Madonna's Superbowl stint, and enough light-hearted bombast to cheer even the most ardent friki-hater. Shockingly this has only made it to the second chance saloon in the Swedish selection process, but let's hope our friends up north see the good sense to put it through to the MF proper, as you'll struggle to find a more complete Eurovision performance anywhere this season!

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PS SVT are famed for disallowing videos of MF performances, so if this video has disappeared, I'll try an have another one up presently.

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