Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Russia 2012 - Osan Yöstä - Revontulet

Like much else of what they do, the Russians are keeping a tight lid on the contents of their impending 25 song national final. But the odd scrappet of news has been leaking out of the seams - the most interesting of which is this folksy ode to the Northern Lights.

Sung in six minority North West Russian languages - Khanty, Finnish, Komi, Karelian, Udmurt and Izhorian, fact spotters - and each with a gutteral Finno-Ugaric flavour, this tune flits around some of the lesser-known Russian republics with a delightfully earthy new age lilt.

If it has made it to the final, it probably won't have the muscle to out score some big beaty Moscow pop act, but it'll be great to hear these languages sung on a massive international stage all the same.

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  1. thanks for the post, it would be funny to kick some poppy asses in Moscow on March, 7th