Saturday, 17 January 2015

Moldova 2015 - Kitty Brucknell - Remix

When Kitty Brucknell briefly became a household name when she made the later stages of the X Factor, could she ever have imagined that it would kick off a chain of events that would have led to her to Chisinau to audition for the Moldovan Eurovision qualifier - in her pants?

Did she leave her proper outfit at the hotel and the nasty producer make her do it in her underwear like a sadistic gym teacher?

I'll bet she thought it was game over after she'd been rejected by the Swiss. But somehow, just somehow, she qualified for the semi-final stage. Oh man, this could be entertaining. The strange places a lust for fame can take you, eh Kitty.


  1. There's something quite tragic about this, and a few of your other recent videos of Eurovision auditions. I think maybe it's the fixed-camera view of people giving it their all to an audience that at most consists of a handful of bored production assistants.

    It really doesn't help when the video of your performance has the same production values as CCTV footage of a bloke stealing a pack of razors from Boots.

  2. Ha! Good work! Your comments are better than my reviews half the time! Keep it up!