Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Germany 2015 - NRW Cowboy - Ich Kann Nichts Dafür, Ich Bin So

What's going on here then? A drunken bloke wakes up in prison. Well, I say it's a prison - it looks more like the office store cupboard at work. He puts on a silly hat, then has a wander about the facility, ending up in the security office where he dances with a pair of, erm, sexy warders. Then it all gets a bit hazy, and it looks like he turned the regular TV on when he was trying to edit the last 30 seconds and it all got jumbled up.

Welcome once more to the German wildcard round, Apocalypsers!

Say what you like about the video, and even the hapless singer, that chorus is going to stick in your brain all day like an unfortunate social disease. It's the kind of thing you'd expect to hear over a tinny Tannoy at a German football match. I'm not sure if that's a recommendation or not...

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