Monday, 26 January 2015

Germany 2015 - Escandalos - Zalando

Generally speaking, any ska song that has a pop at entering this funny old competition is either weak-assed pub reggae, or a bunch of flimsy teens failing miserably at being The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. That's why it's ace to finally dig out a bit of quality ska punk from the German Wildcard mud pile.

Escandalos hail from the cathedral city of Ulm, have one of the coolest looking guitarists on the planet, and present to us a jaunty skipbeat singalong that appears to be about shoe fetishism. That's three great ingredients right there! I'm also all up for videos recorded in shops, so it's a winner all round for me!

Come on Germany, do the right thing, pick this and Dancing Shoulders for the Wildcard. You can have any amount of floppy teens on guitars to make up the numbers, but just give us these two, eh!

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