Thursday, 22 January 2015

Germany 2015 - Die Party Apps - Akku Alle

A lot of countries claim to be really serious about their Eurovision entries representing their national identity. Well if Germany were genuinely honest in that assertation they'd be sending this in a shot. Go to any street market or seniors beerhall from Flensberg to Friedrichshafen and this kind of stuff is jumping out of the speakers at near military volumes.

And what of our boys The Party Apps here? I'm not especially interested in the lives of most of the endless array of kids at pianos or slightly-too-old girls in tiny frocks in the German wildcard process. But this pair fascinate me. What chain of events led them to be belting out this happy-go-lucky singalong together? What were their hopes and dreams when they made their first faltering steps into the world of music? And where do they get their shirts made? I can feel a documentary coming on...

Be warned though. This song will stick with you all day.

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