Saturday, 24 January 2015

Hungary 2015 - Passed - Mesmerize

Now you should never completely write a song off in this contest. When I first heard this sparse little ditty I drifted off and peeled the spuds, or something similarly mundane. But a second listen when Inwas running through the semi-finalists from tonight's first A Dal show reminded me that I shouldn't always be so immediately judgemental.

OK, so the singing girl has a reedy, one note voice, but listened to as a whole it's actually pretty decent. The simple, almost noodling melody is punctuated by all manner of electronic binks and bonks, while the breakdown is an unexpected bouncefest.

I'm really looking forward to see how they handle this one live. They may all look about eleven, but Hungary proved they've got a taste for spacious and understated pop with Kedvesem a couple of years back, so who knows how this may fare.

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  1. It was fantastic, and I pretty much agreed with the result yesterday. Great show, great results. Hungary may be one to watch again.