Thursday, 24 February 2011

Romania 2011 - Rallsa - Take Me Down

Head of Romanian telly: "Quick, we've had an act pull out from Song For Romania. We've got to get a replacement pronto!"

Junior producer: "Well my mum's down the over-35s disco next door. I can pop down and get her, and maybe she can drag a couple of mates along. Do they need to learn a dance routine?"

Head of telly: "There's no time for that. Tell 'em to make it up as they go along. We'll slip in a handybaggy house bit halfway through to confuse 'em!"

Junior producer: "Oh no, the cameraman's just fainted. I'll man the machines..."

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1 comment:

  1. Jut like they say in the end... WOW! I was nearly expecting the red sparkling wine with ice cubes to come out and a three very unclothed 20 YO muscle-guys. Cougar Town to ESC I say!