Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Finland 2011 - Jimi Constantine – Party To Party

Witness if you will a young lad from Finland trying just a little bit too hard. He's pretty popular round his way, and was among the favourites to go through that night. But somehow his champagne-spraying, money-chucking exuberance must have rankled back home, and he was eliminated at the first hurdle.

Shame, because he looks as though he'd be the chap to go to if you wanted to, ahem,  get the party started...

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  1. I remember hearing this song... this performance just cemented my love for it. It's so OTT-camp-eurotrash... you simply gotta love it! it's hysterical. I'm surprised that amidst all this mess he didn't pull out a well placed line and mirror... :-)

  2. 'It's My Life' By Jovi.

    Not 'alf.