Sunday, 27 February 2011

Macedonia 2011 - Rok Agresori - Kukuriku

I know this bloke from Skopje called Falus. He's in one of the best and most historic punk rock bands in Macedonia. I'd guess he's somewhere between Wakey from The English Dogs and Captain Sensible. Every couple of years he enters a situationist punk nursery rhyme into his national final - and it really pisses off the fanboys! This is one of the greatest three minutes you'll see this year - nice one Falus!

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  1. Well... this is the thing you forgot to mention... it opened their national final. My husband is a Macedonian Australian, and he made me sit through the entire selection with him (I literally fell asleep three songs before it ended) I can tell you that there were a few weird entries going on in there... but that one is absolutely horrendous... and it's not the fanboy in me saying it :-)

  2. Heh, I guess this bloke is better if you know his back story - or if you;re a gnarly old punk rocker like me!

  3. Rok Agresori(Rock Aggressors)
    Roy, thanks for your support.
    I remember two years ago
    when former members of my band refused to perform with me
    and they that were with me did not believe in the song Ding-Dong
    and when for the Macedonian general public I was anonymous
    (Me knew only underground audience)
    and when I was in stress and uncertainty
    how will audiences react to my appearance on EUROSONG.
    I remember you were one of the first to give me support,
    you said that you should live in our cool country to play on EUROSONG,
    ha, ha, but Macedonia has only 2 million people and
    competition is less and were reported about 100 songs and the chanse to play on EUROSONG is greater,
    unlike the UK which has 60 million people and greater competition.
    my country for this kind of music is not cool, ha ha
    and here the media is turning commercial sweet songs

    Here's the google translation, I do not speak English well, ha, ha
    (Note-eggs in the Macedonian language has two meanings
    first is for chicken eggs and secondly for balls, ha, ha)
    I have a Chicken
    you have a Chicken
    her name is white
    You make for me pie with cabbage
    you chicks, chicks
    Let egg was laid
    Dragana(is female name)to bake the pie
    I have eggs every day
    they are healthy for a good skin color

    Dragana, Dragana
    You make omelette for me
    Dragana you my colorful eye
    Here's the hard boiled egg for you

    I have eggs every day
    they are healthy for a good skin color
    I have fresh eggs
    for throat and a for good voice

    Thank You

  4. This should nave been selected. Not because its good, but everything in their final was truly dire and at least this would have given us a laugh