Monday, 28 February 2011

Israel 2011 - Dana International - Ding Dong

Everyone's favourite Israeli transexual's having another go in their final this year, but this time around her song isn't quite as immediate. What do you reckon?

STOP PRESS: She only went and won! Blimey. But is it strong enough - or is her name still big enough - to drag her out of the semis?

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  1. Being originally from Israel myself, I can tell you that the song isn't receiving a huge following, except for the gay community and the fanboys, however, you can be sure that Dana will supply a breath of fresh air into an otherwise quite dire selection this year. There are a few other quite good entries that could do well in ESC this year. This is one of my favourites for Israel. Also important to remember... a lot of people out there will be expecting another Diva... and it's very good the song has a completely different vibe to it.