Sunday, 20 February 2011

Georgia 2011 - Eldrine - One More Day

Georgia snuck their final in almost without telling anybody. More of a surprise, to those outside of the country at least, was that this raggle taggle aggregation of MOR techno rock won through to Dusseldorf. I've probably got the numbers in my phone of half a dozen bands from my home town of Bristol who sound exactly like this lot - even down to the slightly out of tune girl singer who thinks she's a bit better than she actually is. Man alive is she going to struggle on the big stage.

Fair play to them for trying something a bit different, and after last year's big result from Turkey I can see what they were attempting to do, but this really is a bit of a mess. Bless 'em!

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  1. Like my dear husband said upon hearing this - it sounds like thirteen songs blended into one.

  2. I completely disagree: at least for me she stands out from the rest of the participants, however, I don't know whether she stands serious chances to raise to the top in Dusseldorf. But the performance is catchy and meaningful.
    (For more of my thoughts about Eldrine and other most promissing participants please visit

  3. Mind you, they sacked the original singer within days of getting through and got a more reliable session girl in. Probably good for the country and the contest, but not too good for the integrity of the rest of the band.

    And when you say meaningful, I'd say only meaningful in a hackneyed sixth form poetry kind of way. I'm not sure how familiar you are with this kind of girl-led alt-metal-lite, Lī, but I hear this kind of thing at work most days, and of its genre it's pretty unimaginative and lacklustre.

    However the bulk of Europe won't necessarily know about that, so could see it as an original and interesting piece of music. I'm intrigued to see what kind of result this tune garners.