Sunday, 20 February 2011

Italy 2011 - Roberto Vecchioni - Chiamami Ancora Amore

As mentioned elsewhere, the Italians were chosing their first Eurovision entrant in donkey's years from the ranks of San Remo 2011 - their own enormous and impenetrable song contest - but the winner wouldn't necessarily be the one who got the magic ticket to Dusseldorf. Which is a dang shame, because the contest's victor Roberto Vecchioni's disgruntled old bloke rantathon would have stood head and shoulders above anything else that's been selected so far - and would certainly have done better than the fat bloke at a piano that they eventually chose!

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  1. It sounds like an Italian version of "My Way"... it definitely strikes a cord with me... but I must say the guy they did end up sending isn't bad... too bad, though, that Jazz doesn't seem to work nowadays...