Friday, 4 November 2016

United Kingdom 2017 - Jonno Standish - Deja Vu

We have, it seems, become the new Switzerland. Every other day I'm getting sent a poorly made YouTube video of someone singing a lumpy pop song in front of some furniture - every one of them convinced that they, and only they, can reverse the trend and save us from yet more Eurovision shame.

As if things on this septic isle weren't bad enough already.

This latest iteration shows us a chubby lad in a suit playing pool and lustily belting out a number apparently destined for Bucks Fizz. How do I know that? The songwriter keeps telling us in a garish font throughout the video. This is how things are now, isn't it. Where did it all go so, so wrong...?


  1. Does he want Bobby G's Bucks Fizz or the group called "Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston, formerly of Bucks Fizz"? Either way, most Eurovision viewers outside the UK (and many inside) won't know who they are, killing the hilarious "deja vu" gag.

    Also, good news for UK bedroom producers - Belarus has just announced details of its national final and they are welcoming entries from outside of Belarus!

  2. He missed the memo about live vocals.
    But in fairness so did most of the OGAE reps who complained about the sound not being professional enough last year

  3. I have seen and heard worse on Eurovision submission processes before - kudos for putting himself out there but it's not going to be our entry...

    btw, might I say that the website address is a bit unfortunate - some unscrupulous person might suggest that it is missing a 'T'... :)

  4. Someone should tell this guy that the 80's are gone and hopefully will never return.

    This is mega dated in any aspect you can think of.