Friday, 25 November 2016

Finland 2017 - Club La Persé - My Little World

So then, if you thought the last couple of days of postings were a little off piste, you wait until you hear this one. Like four baby Leigh Bowerys after an explosion at the Wacky Warehouse, this high camp art collective are going to look nothing less than eye-melting on stage - it's just a shame that the song's a bit weak.

OK, so some of the more insistent catwalk techno is pretty damn good, but the constant 'dit-dit-doo-doo-doo' refrain and the over-arch proclamations don't quite make up for the world beating song I was hoping for to match their lively look.

However, I would advise a little further investigation into this mob, because some of their videos are absolutely cracking, they're a dab hand at catty interviews, and the fella with the blue pig's nose is called Mr C*nt. Only with a 'u' instead of a star, obviously. Well, think of the children. Although to be fair, most children swear better than me these days.

I'm also reliably informed by my Finnish friends that Persé relates to something more arse-shaped than its more familiar meaning in the West, so I reckon we're going to be in line for one heck of a show come UMK night. I just wish the song was good enough to match the look!


  1. If this could have been an instrumental tribute to Röyksopp then it would have been a decent club track but the vocals, styling and lyrics are so dire that even as a comedy piece, I cannot bear to listen to it more than twice (once as an initial review, the second I'll save for UMK Final night itself). The worst of the ten by far for me on first listen...but I suspect the best so far for you, Roy?

  2. Actually I think I like this better in theory. Blackbird's the standout song for me, and I'm coming around to Günther, too. Other than that, it's either blandos of freakazoids. But I'd always rather the latter than the former, because dreary is a far worse crime.

  3. I actually adore this song and this ragtaggle bunch of misfits. But then I was possibly the only person who bought the MINTY album when it was released!! The fact that this was co-written by original club/kid Princess Julia lends it additional credibility. Is it for Eurovision? Probably not / but outside the bubble it's fab!