Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Finland 2017 - Knucklebone Oscar & the Shangri-La Rubies - Caveman

So the UMK songs crept put this morning, and there's some very interesting songs on the list. Not very many good ones, mind, but that's not what we're here for, after all.

The one that grabbed out attention first though was this energetic little rock 'n' roll review. In the real world we'd be shaking our heads in dismay and peeping through our fingers in mild embarassment. But in this context it kinda works. Ugly little fella with a guitar, flanked by two buxom honeys, piledrives his way through a stampy slice of showbiz nonsense - if the live show for this doesn't knock your socks off this bloke deserves a punch!

There'll be more Finnish songs coming at you over the next couple of days, don't you worry!


  1. In the '90s, everyone knew someone who was in a party band like this. A cocky frontman who couldn't quite sing but who had attitude, an extravagant guitar player, some glam girls roped in on vocals, and a throwback to kitschy 1950s and early 1960s rock.

  2. Robyn - didn't you just describe The Human League (exchange the extravagant guitar for extravagant synth)!

  3. I defy anyone watching UMK 2017 not to be smiling as much as I am listening to this song - as you hint at Roy, if this is a visual 'smash' too then this will be an entry that everyone will be talking about. To me, this sounds like the theme tune to some mad 1990s American sitcom, maybe about a guy who has won loads of money but has no social graces and is played by Jack Black...

  4. Okay, so when the first line was uttered I felt a bit violated and covered my upper body, and Nick added: "So much for Finland's much vaunted education system". Keep 'em coming, Roy.