Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Belarus 2017 - Vitaly Voronko - What's Your Name?

The vids are back!

Forget all that Swedish business. The real Eurovision action was going down in Minsk today with the now unmissable live auditions. The last couple of years have thrown up all kinds of joy, so you'll be delighted this this year's bunch are every bit as unhinged, and that our unseen cameraman still prefers to zoom in on an attractive lady when there's all kinds of other action going on.

Case in point here. Vitaly's song man have covered all four major Eurovision food groups - bearded man in a superhero outfit playing the accordian; nice lady in a flowery frock strumming coyly on a dulcimer thingy; annoying mime artist in a kilt dancing like a berk; and, a ten foot polar bear playing a massive balalaika. You know, the usual stuff.

But while our gruesome foursome were stamping about wackily for all they were worth, letcherous cameraman got whiff of the nice lady and started to slowly zoom in, totally ignoring the other three as they gave their all elsewhere.

Although to be honest, in this instance I think he had a point...


  1. Maybe Belarus employ their sports camera crews at their Eurovision selection process when BATE and Dinamo Minsk aren't playing... ;)

    I think that the Riga Beaver could have some competition this year!

  2. I'm sad this didn't qualify. It is a decent song, really nuts and catchy and just the sort of thing the national final needs. And yes, better than some of the selected finalists.

    Btw, the song was inspired by Vitaly's Britain's Got Talent audition, where he didn't tell the judges his name, leaving Simon Cowell, David Walliams et all shouting "WHAT'S YOUR NAME?!"

    By that logic, Saara Aalto's first single after the X Factor will be titled "Zara From Norway".

  3. I knew I knew him from somewhere!

  4. I absolutely adore this guy..his happy go lucky attitude is inspiring !