Monday, 29 January 2018

Lithuania 2018 - Vidas Bareikis - Pusvalanduko

(Click here for the sillies...)

Now we're talking! It seems to have taken an age for this Eurovision season to fully kick off, and even longer for the more esoteric performances to ripen on the tree. We were beginning to fear that it was going to be one of those dull, earnest frikki-free years. But you can always rely on the Liths for some funtime jollies. 

You may remember the boy Vidas here from his somewhat over complicated I Love My Phone from last year, a lively performance that was unfortunately overshadowed by the melon chopping antics of one Lolita Zero. Well he's back with another performance piece that may be low on song, but ranks pretty darned high on wonk. 

Funny suit? Check. Untraditional band set up? Check. Funny angular dancing? All of the above. But that's not all. At around the two minute mark we were treated to an unexpected extra so jarring with the rest of the performance that I advise you not to be drinking any hot liquids while you watch this if you value the screen of whatever it is that you're watching this on! This was a complete and utter kitchen sink of a performance, and we can't thank the fella highly enough for it. Long may he reign. 

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  1. If Eurovision ever does get hosted in Lithuania, they certainly have a decent selection of interval acts!