Saturday, 13 January 2018

Romania 2018 - Dorel Giurgiu - Seek The Peace

He's back! And this time it's musical. Yep, last year's synth pop superhero has chanced his arm in Romania again, and this time there was even less than before. Yes, this time Dorel has eschewed the wordy approach and kept the words down to an absolute minimum, and has only treated us to mere wisps of his traditional dancing magic. But it's still a rare treat to behold.

Last year we weren't sure if he was straight up or a really bizarre comedy act. But a little research has told us that he is indeed a deeply spiritual man who truly believes in the message that he is bringing to the masses. He may be a little greyer of beard than last time round, but his rabbit-in-the-headlights delivery is still bang on point, and the touchingly warm reception that he received from the audience in the hall shows you what a generally nice bunch the Romanians are.

One suspects that he won't make it through, but we're so glad that he takes the time and effort to entertain us every year.

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  1. How many seconds do you reckon he'd have lasted in Belarus?