Thursday, 11 January 2018

Belarus 2018 – Egor Luts – Somewhere

The Belarussian open auditions are taking place as we speak, and it's the usual joyous parade of the hopeful and the hopeless, shuffling onto the stage like nervous puppies and doing their thing. But boy the judges are brutal this year.

In the past they've let the singers get well into their songs before the metaphorical shepherd's crook comes onto the stage to drag them off. But this year the dreaded disembodied "Spasiba" can come at any time - and quite often the best you'll get is a verse, a chorus and a hasty retreat.

Witness poor Mr Luts here. He was a rabbit in the headlights before he got going. But his flimsy voice and terrified disposition didn't enamour him to the judges, and he took the quickest exit so far. And he won't be the most hapless of the performers today, believe you me. We shall keep you posted.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe having a trapdoor would be entertaining viewing next year... ;)