Saturday, 27 January 2018

Romania 2018 - Eduard Santha - Mesom Romales

We've just been catching up with the last few days of song after a busy week, and thought it was only polite that we help you revisit this little over wrung jobby from Romania. Y'see, we've got previous. Regular readers may just remember this last from his last year's effort Wild Child - that one where he over annunciated every syllable while his mate was bashing a bit of wood in a string in the background. That was all very entertaining, but felt just a teeny bit desperate. This year, however, he's taken things up a notch and appears to have turned into a contender.

However, our Eduard is still never knowingly underacted, he switches out the musical styles and timings at will, flipping between earthy pop folk to cod reggae and edgy, angsty I-don't-know-what, all while his long-haired mate writhes around behind him. And yet it's one of those songs that I can't quite decide whether it's one of the most preposterous overblown things I've seen in ages, or one that I'd actually love to see tread the boards in Lisbon come spring.

Strangely people seem to have taken to his singular stylings, almost as if last year's comedy excesses have been wiped from the collective memory, and to be honest, we'd rather have this representing one of our favourite nations than some limp ballad in a crusty frock. Or Mihai. In fact we're talking ourselves into this idea now. He'd be a handful at the big show to be sure, but just imagine the press conferences! And the parties! Ooh now...

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  1. As far as most of the entries that appear on this blog go, this is quite a good one!

    It is definitely better than blooming yodelling rap!