Sunday, 28 January 2018

Moldova 2018 - Tudor Bumbac - Numai Pentru Tine

As we've mentioned in an earlier post, the first reveal of the Moldovan songs can often be like opening the guest list for a family gathering, packed as it is with familiar names and curious cousins that you'd half forgotten about. And of course, there's always the one elderly uncle who insists on having a sing song as the night goes on. And by heavens don't you love it when he does that!

So all hail that elderly uncle to all of us in collective Eurovisionia, Tudor Bumbac, who gets us there, sings his heart out with his warm and crumbly voice, and just gives us all a jolly nice time. Along with the Dark Lord Bognibov, he gets ignored by the over serious jurors when it comes to picking the televised final few, year after year after year. But that never deters him. He just keeps plugging away, happy in himself, doggedly entertaining the few sturdy souls among us who understand the true value of a Moldovan live audition and the treasures it can bring. We love you Uncle Tudor!

Unfortunately someone seems to be deleting all the individual performances from the Moldovan auditions, so you'll have to make do with the studio version in the video above. But if you've really got the stomach for it, the whole thing, in all its plush red velvety glory, can be found by clicking here. Our boy Bumbac starts at around the fifty minute mark, but there's plenty more splendids to enjoy along the way.

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