Thursday, 1 February 2018

Sweden 2018 - Edward Blom - Livet Pmå En Pinn

The first wave of Swedish song snippets we're released today, and to be absolutely, from the 57 seconds on display there's only one song that we can get excited about. Unusually, all of the pop waistrels have been a bit of a let down, and even Queen Kikki has blanded out with a country-fuelled plod. No, the one true star of MF show is one Edward Blom, trade historian and TV gastronomy star with his song Life On A Stick. And yes, you are reading right.

And I'm not saying this out of any ironic intention or arch wackiness. No, Edward here has the only song of the bunch that offers more than it promises. It's fun, it's simple, and it's going to bring out the fan hate by the bucketload in that manner that's only reserved for ugly middle-aged men having a lark. OK, so it may be the musical equivilent of a bookish Hairy Biker having an old time singsong, but it's bright and breezy and completely and utterly honest.

And it's not as if the bloke hasn't got form, either. He already had another single out back in 2016, and that was something of a lark, too. Look, while you Eurovisionistas are all having a gripe about the Dark Lord not taking the contest seriously you're all forgetting one thing. Melodifestivalen isn't for us. It's a light entertainment show for the general Swedish public, full of in jokes, local colour, and stuff that us mere abroadians will never totally fathom. It's one of the things that constantly keeps it above the mundane and forces me to watch year after year. And of course he's never exected to win. He's just there for a funtime three minutes - and you can bet your life he'll have one of the best, most extravagant stage shows of the whole damn caboodle.

And anyway, any song about Patrick Swayze that isn't actually a whole lot of fun is surely being more contemptuous to the contest that this little ray of showbiz sunshine.

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