Sunday, 14 January 2018

Romania 2018 - Gabriela Garlonta – Dor De Lisabona

There's been some rare treats coming out of Romania already, and I think we've got ourselves a new hero. If you're looking for emotive, minimal and utterly, sweetly terrifying, meet Gabriela here. But don't do what I did and watch it for the first time just before going to bed.

For what seems like a sparse arrangement on initial viewing, is actually and earworm made of steel that burrows its way into your brain and refuses to leave. And for a performance that is more delightful monologue that actual true song, that's really quite surprising.

It turns out that in among all that acting and la-la-la business, there's a really touching story hiding in the creases, about her lifelong infatuation with a lad she met in Portugal, and how she longs for Lisbon. It really is quite a watch, so thanks to our good friends at ESCGo for tipping us the nod!


  1. According to hubby, Nick(ipdeia), this is actually a sort of remnant of a cultural and artistic poetry movement in Romania during Ceausescu's rule. Look up Cenaclul Flacăra to find out more. There's a reason why you see the judging panel actually listening and not looking at the performer as if she's batshit crazy, but as a piece of high culture.