Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Moldova 2018 - Denny Feyton - Maybe It's Love

The full list of Moldovans is finally out, and there's a lot of familiar faces on view. Mr Bognibov, of course, is his usual magnificent self, and Tudor Bumbac still feels like he's wondered away from his grandaughter's wedding and ended up in an unfamiliar laundrette. Doinita sounds less Doinita-ish with each passing year, sadly, and dear Felicia is having one more go at coming four. Even dear old Che-MD have reattended with their folklore hardcore diminishing returns. But this year's folk hero is an entirely new face.

Denny Feyton sounds like one of those names call centre workers from some far flung shore make up to try to convince you they're not foreign, and if anything the song sounds like he hastily made it at work between exploratory chats to potential new double glazing customers. In the disabled toilet.

But what it lacks in cohesion and quality it more than makes up for in spirit, and he meanders his way through an approximate tune with much aplomb. And a year of only minimal entries (because everyone knows that DoReDos have probably bought this anyway), maybe we could be seeing at least a couple of our regular faves in the final this time. Well, we assume they're not going to have a set of semis. Although imagine how much fun that might be!


  1. Let me be kind to the young man and at least let him know that he whipped up a nice club loop... That's where my kindness ends, sadly.

  2. To be honest he should have had his Apocalypse virginity taken away last year!