Thursday, 4 January 2018

Norway 2018 - Ida Maria - Scandilove

Rumour time! We can't vouch for the voracity of this spot of news, but we have heard it coming from a couple of different directions, so we seriously hope it's true. And if you've ever come across our Ida before, you'll be in the same gang as us.

She first leapt to international attention about ten years back with her fabulously bouncy indie pop singalong I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked, and her cracked, earthy vocal, doubled with her chirpy, cheeky, knockabout songs have been wowing the more alt tinged pop spotters on-and-off ever since.

Up to now she's always been an unlikely wishlister for us, but if this all-too-short sample of gloriously ramshackle bit of New York loft party funky pop is a real life MGP contender, then we really can't wait to hear the whole thing. 2018 just got very interesting.


The full song has dropped and it's an absolute beauty. Take everything I said in the above micro review, and add some cracked humour, a tongue rammed firmly in cheek, and the best rolled rrrrrrs outside of Die Antwoord. At to that a dirty turn of phrase and a genius talky bit in the middle eight and you have Apocalypse perfection. Sadly I can't see it winning, but at least we can keep it to ourselves like a glorious mucky secret. It's going to take a lot to knock this out of my top five this year. Heck, I swoon!

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