Sunday, 7 January 2018

Lithuania 2018 – Justin 3 – Born To Be Wild One

The interminable and convoluted Lithuania process began last night, and as usual we're not entirely sure what's going on. Thirteen songs of variable may have been whittled down to five or six last night. But we're sure that some of them will be back, and that a song that we never remember having heard throughout the entire three month process will win the final by a mile. But it's these early stages that we enjoy the most, as among all the balladeeering and wobbly pop singing, we're always guaranteed a bit of the strange. And indeed we got that from the very first song.

This little lot seemed like an unlikely opener at first. A sweet-faced boy with a willowy voice battling a mid-tempo pop rock plodder with a couple of mates and a girl who could actually sing. And that's not to mention the curious grammar throughout. But wait, what's that drummer doing in the background? He's rather overplaying his mime a little. Hang about, where's his kit? Oh that's it, over there... behind him?

So what happened here then? Was it merely a bit of ill-advised stage tomfoolery, designed to catch the attention of over attentive freaks like us? Or did his over enthusiastic drumming action cause too much clicking on his unplugged electronic kit, which you could hear over the singing lad's mic? We suspect the second, as he gave one of his big plasticky cymbals a big, grudgeful whack at the end, and I swear I could actually hear it in real life, not just down my dodgy internet feed.

Whichever it was, it was a fitting start to a competition that I suspect hasn't given us our last spot of the sillies.


  1. I'm seeing this as along the same lines as the Young Georgian Lolitaz guitar pedals made of modelling clay - it's a deliberate commentary on the authenticity of mimed music. Something like that, anyway.

    1. I would say that in that case, it's a major fail. Had they ALL air-played, that commentary would have made sense, albeit for a different song and band, as the song made no connection to that commentary, nor does the band's image.

  2. This almost takes me back to TOTP and who could mime the worst...

    Or that time that the Madness saxophonist played a toy instrument...

  3. And to continue my reply to Robyn, I would say it's a shame, as the song isn't too bad and they were quite credible (bad grammar aside). That drummer thing is really distracting.