Monday, 8 January 2018

Lithuania 2018 – Godo – Fire Fountain

The Baltics have really got a handle on this minimal electronica business. Estonia have been quietly going about it for years now, but it's been Aminata-era Latvia who've really taken it up a step and turned it almost into a genre of its own. So it's nice to see that their slightly less successful neighbours downstairs have finally decided to give it a go with some understated sounds of their own.

But never ones to knowingly undersell a song, young Godo here twitches and gyrates her way through this sparse song like she was at a rave where the records keep jumping. Festooned in binbag-alike garb, plus those gloves that vets use to check the inside of bovine livestock, she captivates from the word go right until the slightly unsettling unexpected ending.

And wrapped around her laid back binkbonk of a backing track, her slightly folksy vocal melody may be slightly reminiscent of the Carter-Cash family's Ring Of Fire in places, but that scarcely matters as she turns all the ingredients into something entirely her own, and fully deserved what became the biggest vote rush of the night. We're not sure that this song has got the legs to go too much further in the contest, but we wouldn't begrudge seeing her sing it a few more times along the way.


  1. She been getting inspiration from late 70s/early 80s Kate Bush videos? ;)

  2. I was trying to imagine this on a larger stage with five dancers with her. With the right staging, camera work and choreography, this could be quite an interesting entry. However, the song doesn't really carry and Lithuania haven't excelled in invovative and smart staging.