Monday, 22 January 2018

Lithuania 2018 - Twosome - Hello

You know how every now and again a song comes along that makes you wonder if it's just you that doesn't see it - or maybe it's everybody that has lost their minds. This is my personal Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers moment of the year so far.

For years we've been ready to mock those who hamfistedly attempt to curry favour with the regions by trying to crowbar as many references to the nations of Europe as they can cram onto the back of a fag packet - usually managing to slip in a couple of grumpy countries who don't play this game any more while they're about it. But immediately after this lumpy little ditty got tired of itself and ground to a halt on Saturday night, some kind of collective brain fever began to spread across the continent.

As first it was the crowd, who gave it way more of an ovation that it merited. Then came the judges, who were somehow hypnotised into giving it an unfeasibly high set of votes, before this uncanny kind of social disease started spreading across wider fandom, and people who really ought to know better began to tip it for greater things.

Hang about, am I missing something here? Are we talking about the same song? To my dusty old eyes and ears all I could see was some kind of rag week lark, with a bunch of student pals seeing how far they could take this wheeze before they got found out. Not event the unexpected incursion at 1:30 could muster more than a seen-all-these-things-before sigh from my one good lung. Seriously people? Have we all forgotten Somewhere In Europe? Let's not forget history, people. You know how that can end up!


  1. This song reminds me of an online quiz, along the lines of "How many European greetings can you name!" Only not as much fun.

    Though perhaps Twosome and Rybak could put on a musical educational tour for schoolkids.

  2. My Lithuanian is non-existent, but I think Vaidas called them out for not having Polish--when around 40% of the residents of metro Vilnius are ethnic Poles.

    It's probably this year's Cake to Bake (if it wins the Leutonian ticket)...except it's a bit better than Cake to Bake (sacrilege, I know).

  3. Well, that was terrible. And I have to play the token antisemitic card, considering my grandfather fled from Lithuania - I didn't hear Shalom. But it may have been my shock at this pile of shit. And same comment re attractive people. We left puddles of drool when we were there. and our floor is currently dry. Rude.

  4. You let 2 people sing a duet, make sure that they have a good harmonies between them, otherwise the mix of voices will sound awkward.
    That's how those 2 sound together, awkward.

    And that's before I say anything about the stupid song and the fact it bring back memories from time I thought long gone.

  5. This sounds like a comedy song from a sketch show in the 1990s and it would have fitted there quite nicely...

    And there it should have stayed!