Saturday, 2 February 2019

Montenegro 2019 - Andrea Demirović - Ja Sam Ti San

The Montenegrin songs snuck out on Saturday morning while everyone (surely?) was watching the Moldovan auditions, and they certainly frontloaded the order of the songs. While the following four entries got successively more dull, they opened proceedings with this absolute banger of a tune.

It's stuffed chock full of electro goodness, with it's massive whomps and insistent little plinky plonk bits. Added to that, Andrea's voice offers that cold Balkan sass that we deeply enjoy around these parts.

But we have fears. Ivana Popović's song is the kind of on-rails minor key ballad that they just lap up round those parts, and who knows whose song or daughter is part of any of those other acts, and if the special handshake rule is in operation this year. But if it's on song alone, this is surely the only one they ought to be considering this year. Surely?

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