Sunday, 3 February 2019

Moldova 2019 - Irina Tarasiuc & Lume – Ca Adriano Celentano

Oh Moldova, what have you done? OK, so you didn't have a terribly large pool of talent to play with, but you certainly had some songs in that crazy 28 that would have made your national final complete and one to remember? And what did you do? You binned every last one of them in place of a barrage of mid-tempo-to-slow ordinariness! This is supposed to be the year of the big experimentals, not arch usualness.

And what made it even worse it that you bottled out of giving us two incredibly entertaining semi-finals. You know out feelings about Mr Bognibov (and we reckon he put in his best ever performance too!), but what about your glorious folk hero Iurie Sadovnic and his gloriously batshit epistle to Robin Hood? Or Alister Mars and his plinky plonky shocky horror show pop rock tune? They were one of the very few to have made an actual effort with an actual show this year?

And this? The belwilderingly titled Ca Adrinano Celentano - a song so distilled of Europe's impressions of your fair nation that it would surely have bagged you a third great result in a row? Really? A call to arms for Moldovan folk the continent to come back home or never actually leave gets callously shoved aside by some soulless ladies wearing hats? There really is no guessing what goes on in TRM towers!

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