Monday, 4 February 2019

Belarus 2019 - Vitalij Voronko & Artem Soroko - Potato Acapulco

The marathon five hour Spasibo auditions from Belarus took place this morning, and to be fair there were enough gems on view to be keeping us busy until December on Apocalypse. But the one that's been causing the biggest stir among the rank and file is this beautiful little number.

You may remember Mr Voronko from his performance this time a couple of years back with a giant polar bear that ended up getting up on pretty much every Somewhere's Got Talent show on the globe. So we were pleased to see the old fella back on stage with his pal Artem to sing this situationist marvel.

The only two words you'll need to worry about are Potato and Acapulco, and we can guarantee that you'll be unwillingly singing this for the rest of the night, whether you want to or not. Sadly it didn't make it through the sift, but we'll always have Acapulo! (And Potato Potato!)

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  1. You can watch the surf unplugged acoustic version here: