Tuesday 5 March 2013

The Netherlands 2013 - Anouk - Birds

When most countries debut their forthcoming Eurovision entry, they can do it in a number of ways. Many create a special TV show that includes an interview with the artist and selections of their best work and a whole load of special guests. Usually someone from Malta.

Others announce it with a fanfare and a press conference and all kinds of showbiz hoo-haa. Not the Dutch. They like to do things differently. Instead, Anouk chose to sing the song to a local radio station, down a crackly phone line, from her sickbed. Two years ago*. Now that's what I call rock'n'roll!

*They're mucking around with the first public performance rule again. It's gone a bit like the offside rule in football - nobody knows what the heck is going on until somebody flashes a card, and then we can all moan about it.

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