Monday 4 March 2013

Belarus 2013 - Alyona Lanskaya - Solayoh

The Belarussian final was so long ago that new born babes have grown tall and got beards since Alyona Lanskaya's Rhythm Of Love was selected. It's also been the longest spell in history that a Belarussian entry has gone unchanged. But sadly for Rhythm Of Love, it stumbled coming around the final bend and let a whole new tune come zooming by in its place. So near, yet...

But it's replacement, Solayah, is a perky little number all the same, with the obligatory Belarussian  dulcimer think, and those over blown ethnicky drums thumping about in background. In fact, unusually for  one of their entries, people seem to like it, and it might just lead to a rare decent finish in the big show.

But let's spare a thought for the poor discarded song, and wonder why the poor lass is laying about on a dartboard at the start...

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