Saturday 2 March 2013

Serbia 2013 - Moje 3 - Ljubav Je Svuda

You suspect there's a narrative concept to this surprise Serbian finalist. Lass in white comes on, warbles a bit, before a girl in a devil jumper starts shouting. Hmm, good and evil battling in song, you consider - before a blonde piece in a clammy looking gold frock struts on and confuses matters.

Then there's a bit of school drama club level acting where you suspect it's a devil and angel acting as the conscience of the gal in gold, before it all loses its way and you lose track of what was actually supposed to be happening.

In the end it gives you the vibe of either a shit hen night or a gaggle of birthday strippers you'd send back to head office with a voucher claiming your money back. I'll bet it goes and wins now. It;s been that wonky a year!

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