Friday 15 March 2013

Montenegro 2013 - Who See - Igranka

Montenegro, I love you!

Looking at their track record, I knew Who See were gong to deliver something a bit special, but even I never expected this crunchy electronic noise fest!

Here we see the two archetypally growly Balkan rappers prowl about menacingly, before the face-melting dubstep portion hits - and boy it's brutal! The first five rows of inflatable hammer weilding Malmo punters will be reduced to cinders if they turn this one up loud!

So often this year some two bob producer has tried to crowbar a dubstep element into a song in the hope of looking hip. This one feels like they people who made it know exactly what they were doing! Good work boys! You've made a right belter!

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  1. mate, this is really great stuff
    hip-hop+house+dubstep in 3 mins
    Though I'm not a fan of Eurovision (la-la competition with air condition or boring tunes and fake so called "ethno" sounds). But this guys made me think that something might change.

  2. yep its not the song for eurovision competition with air contrition of pathetic and boring tunes or fake ethno sounds without any message or criticism. (Just have to quote Joe)
    Besides deep socio-political msg in this song and great artistically made beat (hip-hop+house+dubstep in 3 mins) fact that its not eurovision song makes it even more of the masterpiece

  3. It's just the start! We're slowly taking over Eurovision - one beat at a time!

    Mind you, if THIS had qualified this year, we'd be halfway there!

  4. hey here another socio-political masterpiece directed by same guy who did the videos for Who See (Zoran Marković Zonjo). I guarantee u this song would win at the ESC as long as they don't translate lyrics.