Thursday 31 January 2013

Norway 2013 - Gothminister - Utopia

When I first heard that those techno goth industrialists Gothminister were rumoured to be on the rosta for the third Norwegian semi-final, I bristled with delight. A cracking spot of dark and growly metallic EBM to scare the horses, I hoped.

Sadly, the reality turned out a bit less exciting, as Utopia is a serviceable but lightweight little number - kind of like an asthmatic Sisters Of Mercy mucking about with some schlager choruses. Indeed, you can almost imagine Loreen covering this song straight and everyone assuming it was one of hers.

But we mustn't grumble. If a song like this had been in the contest even ten years ago it would have been like hearing the Sex Pistols for the first time all over again. It's just a shame they didn't have the nerve to send something with a bit more poke.

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  1. As I;ve said, perhaps they did have nerve, but by going for something that the SchlagerQueens can 'just about' argue is schlager, they may get more people coming to their site and listening to more of their music, and having made the 'i like this' jump already, actually discover something wonderful.

  2. They might discover it, but whether they like it is a whole different matter!