Saturday, 26 January 2013

Azerbaijan 2013 - Rövşən Əzizov - Eye Of The Tiger

Here's the return of the ebullient Rövşən Əzizov, star of last week's Azerbaijani selection. Since I posted a clip of his startling delivery of Hera Bjork's Eurovision hit, he dropped me a note so say hello, and he turns out to be quite the nice fellow. Very earnest, loves his music.

So tonight he sent me a video of another of one of his songs from the contest - a strutting version of Eye Of the Tiger. And man alive he gives it some. But once he's done, stay tuned for the extras - including his after match interview, and a quite astounding little film from his day job as a school teacher. It's the clip that keeps giving.

Let us know what you think of this new performance - but do remember that 
Rövşən is also a world champion in kempo karate, so watch what you say!

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