Thursday 31 January 2013

Finland 2013 - Krista Siegfrids - Marry Me

We've been strangely short of true frocky horrors so far this season, so it was reassuring to see young Krista tottering around in her wedding dress in a particularly literal reading of a knuckle-gnawing lyric.

But while at first look it feels like a right rotter, before too long it gets under your skin, and you start appreciating it in that kind of so-bad-it's-good kind of a way. And when at 2:20 she messes up her slut drop so gloriously that it changes the pitch of her voice, you'll be hooked - and feel a bit dirty for it, too.

Ordinarily you'd think this song wouldn't stand a cat in hell's chance in any reasonable final. But its fellow contenders are such a torpid bunch that it punches through all that normalness like a miniature fun riot. It couldn't get to Malmo... could it?

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  1. Thinking about it, is this a crafty attempt to tap into the same sex marriage debate? An anthem, if you were, for lots of pointing dance moves in Euroclub? Hmm, is it that smart...?

  2. Well, Krista is track four on my NF album, so yes, send here to Malmo! If only to upset everyone who's mythologised Diandra already.

  3. WEll yes, yes it could get to Malmo!

  4. Always one for tipping a winner after it happens, eh On-U!

    Still dazzled by my hit rate this year. It can't last!