Monday, 21 January 2013

Estonia 2013 - Põhja-Tallinn - Meil On Aega Veel

More reasons to love Estonia. This spot of regional rap might look a bit like a local day centre community project gone wonky, but it's uplifting singalong will be rattling around your head all day upon one hearing.

It won't sound anywhere near as good once they've whittled the kids chorus down to four slightly embarrassed young women for the Eesti Laul semi-final, so enjoy it here in its full, unadulterated glory.

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  1. Translated:

    "What, did you learn at choir today?, that's what the conductor used to say, but he doesn't know..."


  2. I was telling my husband - "Daz Sampson gone Estonian"!

  3. I remember noting to Mrs Hacksaw when I first saw this that I was fully expecting ESC fans with quite a narrow frame of musical reference to evoke the name of Daz when they finally saw this song!

    Not you, though Ido - I know you know stuff - but there's going to be a barrage of it when this gets on the telly!

  4. You can see how it looks with four slightly embarrassed older girls here, from Estonian breakfast TV.

  5. Beat me to it, White. Good work. Kind of loses something, somehow, doesn't it.