Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sweden 2014 - Dr Alban feat. Jessica Folker - Around The World

Ever wonder what Dr Alban has been doing since his sanitary protection advert in the 90s? I know he's a qualified dentist, and he did have a shop in Stockholm selling daisy age hip hoppy clothing for a spell (I know this, because I popped in there once, and he gave me a right shitty look from behind the counter!) - but who knows what else he's been up to - but it doesn't sound like a lot of singing was involved between then and now.

But it seems to be a bit of a thing in the MF to drag back stars from the past to meet a slightly embarrassing fate. And just in case he got lonely, they got the nice lady who used to sing on those Bomfunk MCs singles back in the mists of time to help make him look even more awkward.

This is a long three minutes.

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  1. Given the mess that we could've gotten, this is... actually remarkably refreshing.