Saturday, 1 February 2014

Germany 2014 - Tangowerk feat. Mia - Geld

I'm slowly ploughing through the 2240 German wildcard entries, and for the most part it's a bit of a slog. OK, no it's not, in the main, as amateurish as the Swiss selection, but for every decent song there's two dozen pub bands, ill placed cover versions, blatant promos for the new album and weird adverts for metal festivals. So when a real contender comes along it stands out like a beacon from the mire.

And here's a real contender - and a pretty decent song to boot.

Geld is a chunky slice of bouncy electropop that's just dripping with attitude that would look bloody amazing on the big stage given a big budget and a bit of showbiz bluster. Maybe it's just a smudge too leftfield to make the final ten, but what would be a crying shame, because it's a right cracker. Fingers crossed for a favourable outcome!

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  1. I can only admire you for your stamina, Roy. I've given up after the 100th or so song, because I just couldn't imagine how on earth I should get trough 2.400 of those. The more thankful I am for your excellent service!

    Geld is excellent indeed, I love it! Unfortunately, I don't think we will see it making the final ten, because this is meant to give a wildcard to a newcomer - and Mia (the blond lass with the distinctive voice) just ain't one. In fact, she took part in the German NF back in 2004 with the more mainstream "Hungriges Herz" and very recently earns her Geld as a juror in the German version of Pop Idols, next to German schlager icon Marianne Rosenberg (what? sell-out I hear you say? right you are!).

    A crying shame, as the track's ace,