Sunday, 9 February 2014

Hungary 2014 - Mystery Gang - Játssz Még Jazzgitár

It seems like it's obligatory this year for every national final to have a half-baked rockabilly or honky tonk country act in it. Most of the time they look like a bunch of pub chancers who've piled their thinning hair up into a rudimentary quiff on the off chance that someone might notice, but Mystery Gang look and feel like the real deal.

OK, so they're more Stray Cats than Guana Batz, but they still look like they live and breath the music, and have the tattoos to prove it. They could do with a bit more steel in their sound, but they're still the best bit of 'billy we've had in a while - and it's great to hear rock'n'roll sung in Hungarian, too!

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