Sunday, 9 February 2014

Poland 2014 - Donatan-Cleo - My Słowianie

Major Polish rumour alert! And blimey it's a good one!

The biggest hit in Poland over the festives was this massive chunk of folsky turbo skank joy. Its YouTube hits number in the tens of millions, and it even garnered the attention of the BBC for being an apt parody of the way the rest of the world sees Slavic culture.

Then all of a sudden this morning they release an English language version, and Polish professionals whose word we generally trust are telling us that this is 5% off being a shoe in to be the Polish entry.

It's a cracker of a tune, but might it perhaps be just a tad too familiar in Slavic circles to keep its legs until mid-May? I can't answer that - but I do know that it's flipping terrific!

********STOP PRES**********
Donatan reckons that all of this is naught but wild speculation, that he's never been asked, and that he's busy Eurovision fortnight anyway.


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